Reveal Hidden Capacity and Deliver Insights. Many organizations have little to no visibility into how employees use different systems, applications, and processes to perform their work. EWG help organizations adhere to these requirements and manage the accompanying risks. EWG deploys multichannel analytics to better understand your multichannel customers. Customers are now multichannel and as a result customer and employee analytics must also be multichannel. While voice remains a critical channel, customers are increasingly choosing to engage with organizations via a variety of text-based channels such as email, web chat and social media.With EWG, you can gain deeper insight into customer interactions across text-based, digital engagement channels, including:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Call center notes
  • Survey comments

By deploying the solution, you can capture the complete voice of the customer—and employee—across multiple customer engagement channels, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and then act to drive enhanced customer experiences, loyalty, and revenue.


Recognize customers, anticipate what they want and offer relevant options for quickly getting the right information or completing their transaction. Determining what's relevant to focus on and pinpointing the location of comments is increasingly a challenge. And, more businesses are realizing that with all the opinions openly shared online, there's a lot more to be gained from these channels than reputation management.


Dig deeper to uncover what your customers really think. The opinions your customers are openly sharing on public review sites, Facebook and Twitter, and a multitude of other communities and forums, essentially constitute market research, free of cost. Paying attention to what's being said provides a valuable opportunity to better understand your customers—what drives their loyalty, what services they're passionate about, what products disappoint and why.





Managing unpredictability with Case Management - The increasing unpredictability of customer service inquiries on a diverse set of internal resources to resolve them may leave agents unprepared to handle many situations effectively. In practice, agents have information across multiple applications, resort to handling situations offline, and rely on complex instructions and notes to do their jobs. Our solutions solve these difficulties by guiding agents through service processes. The information and options relevant to the context of the interaction update dynamically in the user interface, enabling agents to progress customer requests quickly and accurately toward resolution.


Make all your customer interactions fast, easy and personal. EWG empowers companies to excel in creating differentiated customer experiences, journeys and relationships. We connect everything you know about your customers to every interaction integrated for much more successful conversations. It provides full visibility and valuable context in the customer journey across all channels and interactions for delivering more personal and faster service — A single interface for all customer interactions.


Improve business outcomes with smarter decisions. Responding in the right way and at the right time is at the heart of creating loyal, satisfied customers. At EWG, we provide comprehensive, easy to use capabilities that give your organization the power to know what will happen next and adapt accordingly to ensure the most profitable business outcome. Customer Predictive Analytics solutions include:

  • Speech Analytics — for mining recorded calls and surfacing customer sentiments and rising trends.
  • Text Analytics — for analyzing text-based communications.
  • Enterprise Feedback Management — for managing customer and employee feedback programs
  • Digital Feedback Management — for measuring and analyzing digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices.
  • Engagement Analytics — for analyzing and correlating customer interactions and behaviors across channels, by intent or service type.
  • Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection for authenticating customers and detecting fraudsters to help reduce agent handle time and enhance security in contact centers.

Each interaction is a treasure trove of insights that is often ignored, and organizations struggle to coordinate a cohesive level of service across the different channels. 


Drive Efficiency, Consistency, and Agility with Knowledge Management - When your customers have questions or issues, they demand immediate, accurate answers in their channel of choice. Meanwhile, your products and processes are frequently changing and growing in complexity, making it increasingly difficult for a customer service employee to provide these answers. To keep your customers happy while maintaining your bottom line, you need to deliver this information quickly, accurately, and consistently.


Good agent experiences translate to excellent customer experiences. Call center agents employ multiple software applications, systems and databases to take care of business when customers reach you. EWG’s expertise integrate your databases, service processes and multi-media interaction channels with a single, unified, agent interaction desktop for customer service. Agents can access all the information they need without having to spend time browsing and searching for it. Being able to focus on customers, both agents and customers have better experiences. Your service department wins in increased agent retention and in customer satisfaction, which ultimately translates to increased customer retention.


The voice of the customer is maturing. And organizations today are adapting to tap the potential it has grown in scale and complexity with the World Wide Web.Our solutions provide multimedia listening for your customer’s direct and social media interactions to identify sentiment, topics and trends related to your business, products and services. Massive volumes of feedback and multimedia interactions are processed using advanced text analytics to understand the sentiment and topics of a conversation and spot problems early. You gain a true understanding of conversations from your customers' own words.


Responsive service is good service. Don’t let large volumes of messages slow down service or burden your contact center. By integrating our solutions with your knowledge base across information silos, you’re able to provide not just a good response but also the very best one every time—pulling from multiple resources, including external sources for comprehensive responses, smarter categories and rules. Reassure customers with automated confirmations and updates on the progress of their order or service inquiry — it will markedly reduce the number of avoidable service requests and enable a quick, consistent reply to customer concerns even when there are millions of them.


Exceptional customer experiences happen when a team is set up for success. EWG helps organizations leverage a single customer experience platform to continually build lasting relationships. EWG streamlines your customer service processes by integrating personnel, operations and systems. We deploy advanced integration platforms that allow data exchange with practically any system in existence.


At EdgeWise Consulting Group we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for customer engagement optimization. Our end-to-end solutions brings together agent, Web, social and mobile customer service solutions with workforce optimization and voice of the customer analytics solutions to help your organization optimize its workforce, improve enterprise processes and enrich customer interactions.

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